TUM Landslides Group goes New Zealand

In the corporation with TUM Landslide member Daniel Draebing, Sam McColl gained funding for the research project “Investigating glacier retreat as a driver of rock slope collapse: Mueller Rockslide” from Massey University Research Fund (MURF) and the Department of Conservation...[mehr]


Recent publications by Daniel Draebing within the BIMODAL project

In the framework of the DFG funded BIMODAL project, Daniel Draebing conducted fieldwork together with Jana Eichel (former University of Bonn, upcoming Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Christian Eling, Lasse Klingbeil and Markus Wieland (Institute of Geodesy and...[mehr]


TUM Landslides Group at AGU Fall Meeting 2016, San Francisco, Ca., USA

Anne Voigtländer and Sibylle Knapp presented their research at the AGU Fall Meeting 2016 in San Francisco, California, USA, 12-16 December 2016. Sibylle´s poster dealt with the reconstruction of large rock-slope failures impacting on lakes...[mehr]


BSG Postgraduate Research Grant for Sibylle Knapp

The British Society for Geomorphology supports postgraduate students with additional research funds of up to £1000 to extend the scale and scope of their PhD projects. Sibylle Knapp is offered an award of £1000 for the costs of field and lab work related to her Lake Eibsee...[mehr]


Michael talks about climate change in ZDF heute

Last Friday the climate agreement of Paris became applicable. From 07. to 18. November the United Nations Climate Change Conference works on the next steps in Marrakech for more climate protection. Occuring effects of the climate change can be seen all over the world. In...[mehr]


New coring campaign on Lake Eibsee

Sibylle Knapp and Flavio Anselmetti went out for a sediment coring campaign on Lake Eibsee. They retrieved nine cores at four coring locations through up to ~5 meters of lake sediments and rock material. The coring locations were chosen according to the reflection seismic...[mehr]


Michael receives King Albert Mountain Award

Michael received the King Albert Mountain Award on September 1, 2016 in a four-day reunion of the King Albert Memoral Foundation in St. Moritz and  a ceremony at the Diavolezza. The award is given every 2nd year to one researcher for outstanding contributions to the...[mehr]


DFG Rundgespräch „Anticipative Signals for Alpine Hazards: Geosystem Configurations, Prediction and Forecast (AlpPred)“ (DFG-KR 3912 6-1)

Thomas Wunderlich and Michael Krautblatter organised a DFG-funded Round Table Meeting „Anticipative Signals for Alpine Hazards: Geosystem Configurations, Prediction and Forecast (AlpPred)“ inviting ca. 20 experts from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the German...[mehr]


TUM Landslides Research Group at ICOP 2016

From 20.06.2016 - 24.06.2016 the XI. International Conference on Permafrost (ICOP) takes place in Potsdam (Germany). Philipp Mamot of the TUM Landslides Research Group will give the following talk: Topic: "Towards a mechanical failure model for degrading permafrost rock...[mehr]


TUM Landslide Research Group at EGU 2016

From 17.04.2016 - 22.04.2016 the European Geosciences Union (EGU) meets in Vienna (Austria). The TUM Landslides Research Group will be involved in eight posters and three oral presentations throughout the week. Check the timetable below to see where you might meet them....[mehr]