Deep-seated landslides and GSA 2017 Seattle in Washington, USA

Anne attended the 2017 Kirk Bryan field trip: Exploring the mechanics, frequency, and impacts of deep seated landslides in Washington State organized for the Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America, GSA 2017, October 21-25, Seattle,Washington, USA. Deep-seated...[mehr]


Adrian Emmert joins the TUM Landslide Research group as a guest researcher

Adrian Emmert joins the TUM Landslide Research group as a guest researcher to finish his PhD thesis on the internal structure of periglacial landforms. From 2014 to 2017, Adrian worked as a research assistant at the University of Wuerzburg, from where he started his work on rock...[mehr]


iRALL School 2017 in China - International Summer School on Large Landslides in Chengdu, China

From October 15-28, Sibylle attended an international summer school in China focused on field data collection, monitoring and modelling of large landslides. The courses were held in the Province Sichuan at the State Key Laboratory of Geohazard Prevention and Geoenvironment...[mehr]


Field work at high-risk rock slope failures in Norway 2017

In August 2017, field work was carried out in Norway by PhD candidate Benjamin Jacobs as a follow up of the 2015 and 2016 field work of Benjamin and Michael. Two of Norway’s top-risk sites were investigated to gather data on thermal and hydraulic forcing on large rock slope...[mehr]


Tanja Schröder joins the TUM Landslide Research Group as a PhD candidate

Tanja Schröder joins the TUM Landslide Research group to begin a PhD research project of rock-ice mechanical variations in thawing permafrost rocks. The Elite Network of Bavaria (Elitenetzwerk Bayern), an initiative of the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the...[mehr]


Fieldwork at the Mueller Rockslide in New Zealand 2017

At the beginning of 2017, the Mueller rockslide was investigated within the “Alpine Rock Slopes” project funded by the German Research Foundation and the project “Investigation of a large, alpine rock slope failure: Mueller Rockslide, New Zealand” funded by the Massey University...[mehr]


Alpine Rock Slopes – Fieldwork Campaign 2017 with August-Wilhelm Scheer Visiting Professor Sam McColl

Within the August-Wilhelm Scheer Visiting Professor Program funded by the Excellence Initiative of the Technical University of Munich, Dr Sam McColl from Massey University (Palmerston North, New Zealand; upper left image) visited the Chair of Landslide Research for eight weeks...[mehr]


TUM Landslide Research Group at EGU 2017

From 23.04.2017 - 28.04.2017 the European Geosciences Union (EGU) meets in Vienna (Austria). The TUM Landslides Research Group will be involved in eight posters throughout the week. Check the timetable below to see where you might meet them. Monday Mon, 24 Apr, 17:30–19:00,...[mehr]


TUM Landslides Group goes New Zealand

In the corporation with TUM Landslide member Daniel Draebing, Sam McColl gained funding for the research project “Investigating glacier retreat as a driver of rock slope collapse: Mueller Rockslide” from Massey University Research Fund (MURF) and the Department of Conservation...[mehr]


Recent publications by Daniel Draebing within the BIMODAL project

In the framework of the DFG funded BIMODAL project, Daniel Draebing conducted fieldwork together with Jana Eichel (former University of Bonn, upcoming Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Christian Eling, Lasse Klingbeil and Markus Wieland (Institute of Geodesy and...[mehr]