2014/01/12 Video presentation on LiDAR applications for slope monitoring hosted on IAEG website

As part of the XII IAEG congress in Torino (Italy) Milos Marjanovic co-chaired a session on Advanced landslide field instrumentation and monitoring. The session gathered multidisciplinary researchers from China to Canada with illustrative case studies and novel ideas in slope...[mehr]


21/11/2014 Michael Krautblatter receives "Prize for Good Teaching at Bavaria's Universities"

A "Preis für gute Lehre an Bayerns Universitäten" (Prize for Good Teaching at Bavaria's Universities) was awarded to Michael Krautblatter by Bernd Sibler, the Bavarian State Secretary of Science. The award ceremony for the fifteen nominees was ...[mehr]


18-23/11/2014 Testing for stress corrosion in rock samples at the ILL nuclear reactor in Grenoble

Stress corrosion cracking is a process that describes the interaction of chemistry and loading on fractures in materials. This determines the time it takes for fractures to propagate in intact rock, and therefore the rate of rockfall development in natural...[mehr]


05/11/2014 New article published in the Journal of Geophysical Research - Earth Surface

A new article from Shiva Pudasaini (University of Bonn) and Michael Krautblatter (TUM) is now available online. In it, they introduce a new two-phase model that is capable of performing dynamic strength weakening due to internal fluidization and basal...[mehr]


29/10/2014 Clues for former instability at the site of the Koslanda landslide, Sri Lanka

Monsoon rains triggered a large earth flow near the town of Koslanda yesterday (29/10/2014). The landslide struck early in the morning, and according to the Disaster Management Center destroyed more than 120 homes, with current estimates suggesting there could be...[mehr]


23 - 26/10/2014 7th annual AK Permafrost Meeting

This week the Landslide Research Group at TUM hosted the 7th annual meeting of the German working group on permafrost (AK Permafrost). The meeting brought together 50 researchers from across Europe (Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Norway, and Germany) to...[mehr]


19/10/2014 First investigations of instability at the Hochvogel (Allgäu, Germany)

Increased rockfall activity has recently been noticed at the Hochvogel (2592 m üA,  Allgäu, Germany), where a large fracture at the peak is gradually opening. Lukas Paysen-Petersen and Michael Krautblatter, along with MSc students of the TUM...[mehr]


17/10/2014 Call for abstracts - EGU 2015

The window is now open for abstract submission to the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2015. The conference will run from the 12th - 17th of April in Vienna (Austria), while the window for abstract submission closes on 7 Jan 2015.  This...[mehr]


23/9/2014 Fracturing of ancient bedrock surfaces during an extremely hot summer

NOAA reports that August 2014 was the hottest since records began. Long periods of exceptionally high temperatures in California and Finland this summer have been associated with the formation of large ‘exfoliation’ or ‘sheeting’...[mehr]


01-04/9/2014 8th I.A.G./A.I.G. working group SEDIBUD

The 8th I.A.G./A.I.G. working group SEDIBUD met at the Umweltforschungsstation Schneefernerhaus for a series of discussions and field excursion to the Reintal. The working group included researchers from a number of countries including Germany, USA,...[mehr]